Though we are nomads music is our anchor
We are passionate about music; how it sounds and makes us feel. On the move, at home or at any other place. That’s why we design fashionable audio products that’s easy to handle, easy to carry wherever you go without compromising great quality and an aesthetic feel. Besides having roots in Danish/Scandinavian design traditions our profound source of inspiration lies in the nomadic culture: the way of expanding our horizon as we move from one place to another, how life shouldn’t be a one-sided affair and how we should explore our dreams, embrace diversity, and not be afraid to leave our mark on a world in change. In that way, our products are created with mobility in mind, for the ones who love to wander for the bold and the trendy.


Nomads was founded in Denmark with our headquarters located at the creative area by the harbour of Aarhus. The vibrant feel is part of shaping our products and culture as we strive to challenge the status quo. Creating a concept where sound, design, packaging and technology are perfectly mixed